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Dear Sirs
and Madams

The first Mongolian private satellite telecommunication operator “Incomnet” Co., Ltd. was established in the year of 2001 with domestic capital investment and since this time we created an information and telecommunication network covering completely the huge territory of our country and beside providing service to state and public authorities, bank, finance and business organizations we are offering stationary phone line and internet services for needs of livestock-breeders in regions.

Our company is carrying out business specialized in direction of building information and telecommunication networks and provides service using different kinds of technologies such as satellite communication, wireless communication, fiber glass etc. by our activities and also developing a full set of network solutions satisfying the demands and needs of our customers.

During the short historical period we not only built completely our network at national level with support and assistance of you, our dear customers, but also we built our new second central station of satellite communication in the year of 2008 and put it into operation.

Beside of our main activities for renewing of the information and telecommunication network based on new modern techniques and technologies our company worked and will further work giving all our power and possibilities to develop customized network solutions for every new needs and demands of our customers and herewith to provide them with possibilities to go with rest of world in the information technology century. This is our set objective and wish.

I wish all the best and happiness to all our faithful customers who always relied on us with full confidence and trust and to the organizations and collectives who worked together with us to our success.

CEO Oyunchimeg. A


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